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In between the hustle and bustle of wedding, it’s time for good food, good friends and good times

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs with many events unfolding each day which finally lead up to the big day. Each day a bride has to look her absolute best without being monotonous in her choices. This can be a hard thing to achieve but thank heavens the bridal scene is no longer just about bling and fabric. In the past few years there has been an emergence of a consciousness amongst the new age brides and brides to be and we have Sabyasachi to thank for that. He has revolutionized the bridal couture in a way like never before, now it’s about elegance and individual taste. Today brides are more open to experimenting with colours and fabrics and styles. Subtle shades in sheer fabrics with intricate designs carved on them are in trend and they work really well for dinner parties and family functions.

This piece is from the Firdaus collection from Sabyasachi and more than anything it is a design masterpiece. Sabyasachi has very cleverly fused the most traditional drape, a saree with the contemporary obi belt replacing the more ornate and traditional waist band. The saree is done in breezy chiffon in steal grey colourwith an elaborately embellished blouse. What takes the cake in this saree is the embroidered underskirt which makes it glamorous and sophisticated at the same time; pair it with an embellished clutch purse by Sabyasachi. Keep the look simple and understated with a bun and minimalistic jewellery like a pair of solitaire earrings and let the saree work its magic into the hearts of guests who won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Just don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile as it is the most important accessory for any woman. Make your smile one in a million with Rouge G De Guerlain lip colour, shade 28 Genna. This jewelled lipstick is created to give a radiant and lush colour to your lips keeping them smooth, hydrated and plumped at the same time, making those lips excessively perfect.

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