Representing LGBTQ Community Through Disney Illustrations

Representing LGBTQ Community Through Disney Illustrations

LGBTQ (aka lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) is a community whose struggle to survive in a world of no acceptance is becoming harder day by day. The society today has massively failed to understand the difference between gender and sexuality, hence marginalizing these people. Gender is the sociocultural construct, whereas sexuality is the natural sexual preference of any individual. This obliviousness has led to the society terming individuals from the LGBTQ community as ‘unnatural’. The anonymous artist has taken on himself/herself to represent the journey of this struggle of the LGBTQ community.

Going by the name Trans Disney on Instagram, this anonymous illustrator is an art director from NYC and grew up watching the Disney films which were the very symbol of freedom, hope, love, and transformation, as he/she told on Bored Panda.

“Growing up, I realized that they don’t include a very important category: transgender people. People who more than anyone else knows the meaning of and seek for that love, freedom, and transformation portrayed by Disney. So I asked myself: What if the most famous movies were to be told as a transgender story? What if they could use their power and following to help tear down the stigmas and taboos about the LGBTQ community?” and so the artist through his/her illustrations challenges the gender-roles imposed on the people and uses innocent Disney characters to create awareness in the society. After all, everyone deserves a respectful and happy life!

Here are some of the illustrations through which he/she is speaking out aloud for the community to which government is turning a deaf ear to.

Title – Meleficent


Title – POCAHONTAS (Storyline A)

“Captain John Smith never thought that the New World could bring him to a new vision of love. Never thought he could have feelings so deep for another man. Pocahontas was nothing he dreamed about, and all he could wish for. As they were now close to each other, the breeze the only layer in between their skin, he wondered how he could ever go back without him. This new world was his whole world.”


Title – FROZEN (Storyline A)

“Elsa removed all the makeup and found herself staring at her own reflection in the mirror. She was excited and scared at the same time. No one in the entire kingdom seemed to understand why she had to do that. No one could catch the depth of her thoughts. All of a sudden, her hands started shaking as she was holding a pair of scissors. “How am I going to do this?” – She thought, feeling disappointed for the unexpected lack of confidence. Then the sound of a door creaking behind her. She turned scared but burst into a feeling of happiness when she saw her sister’s face. Anna walked towards Elsa, smiled at her, and grabbed the scissors from her hands. A moment of silence, a nod, one quick and precise cut. What seemed to be the hardest thing in the world a few moments before, was now the easiest.”


Title – Ariel

“That’s how I would love to see Ariel coming out of the water. As a boy. I have always thought her story is a metaphor for whoever is transgender because she doesn’t feel herself in her body and she wants it to change and lose her fins to finally be with people like her.”


Title – Strength

“Strength doesn’t only come from your body. It also comes from your identity.”


Title – Belle

In light of the increasing rates of hate crimes against transgenders, the artist wishes to bring a wave of change in the society, with his illustrations. “Tear down the stigmas and taboos about the LGBTQ community … Or at least break the tip of the iceberg.”

Check more of his/her artwork on Instagram at @trans.disney. The captions with the artworks speak about the journey of the struggles of the individuals of the community.