India’s First 3D Art Museum – Masterwork Of A.P. Shreethar

A.P. Shreethar

India’s First 3D Art Museum – Masterwork Of A.P. Shreethar

The 3D art form has found a home in India! The Click Art Museum in Chennai is India’s first 3D art museum. The talented powerhouse who made this possible is A.P. Sreethar. He has covered this museum with his marvellous and interactive paintings. To create a more dramatic effect he has painted them directly on the walls. The museum is located in the Snow Kingdom, VGP complex, East Coast Road, Chennai.

A.P. Shreethar works have been displayed in over 64 exhibitions around the world. “In this museum, every piece of art is complete only when the viewer enters the frame. It is interactive art,” Shreethar told New Indian Express. He also said that it has made him realise that art has the power and ability to strike a chord with one and all.

The museum was inaugurated in early May and it currently houses twenty-four paintings by A.P. Shreethar. The paintings are directly painted on the walls, and there are markings on the floor for the viewer to stand. This interesting visual art technique originated in 17th century France and has also been seen in older cities of Rome.

The huge life-like idyllic images trick the eyes and recreate scenes into works. Here are some of his paintings.

Adam Giving An Apple


Bruce Lee’s Kick

A Fire Breathing Dragon

A Selfie Clicking Chimpanzee


Art enthusiast or not, don’t forget to visit this cool place whenever you get a chance and click Instagram worthy pictures!