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IWC Ingenieur Collection : 4 New Models presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The history of the IWC Ingenieur is as fascinating as it gets. It all begins in an age where the digital started permeating into our everyday lives. The advent of radio and microwaves in our everyday homes started interfering with the mechanical watches. The magnetic waves emitted by these devices affected the timelessness and efficiency of mechanical watches. The need of the hour was to ensure the sanctity of time. The engineers at IWC fought hard to overcome this challenge. Hence, the Ingenieur was born.
IWC’s answer was to encase the calibre in a soft-iron cage, thereby shielding the inner machineries from the magnetic interference. In reference to the engineers who would need this invention most, the new watch was named the Ingenieur, and it was shown in 1955, with its spotless, neat design perfectly suited to the worker.

Along with the Portofino and the Da Vinci, the Ingenieur has catapulted IWC to the top of the high-end watchmaking industry. IWC’s partnerships with the world of racing needs no introduction. The 4 latest Ingenieurs are borne as a partnership with the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 2016, was the year, when it started; 2017 is when the seriousness was demonstrated to the world. The 4 New models in the IWC Ingenieur Collection are: the IWC (@iwcwatches) Ingenieur Automatic 40, the IWC Ingenieur Chronograph, the IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport, and the IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar.
For the automatic model, three versions are available, a choice of either a stainless-steel case with a silver-plated dial or a black dial or an 18-carat red gold case with a silver-plated dial, and for those wishing to time laps at the Members’ Meeting, you can opt for the 42mm Chronograph or limited-edition 44mm Chronograph Sport model, of which only 500 will be made. Topping the range is the Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month, featuring a 45mm, 18-carat red gold case and silver-plated dial, only 100 of which will be made.

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