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NOMOS Glashutte: A Small Marvel of the Watchmaking Industry

There is a common agreement in the watch-making world when it comes to NOMOS Glashutte. Almost the entire community recognizes the brand as one of the real gems in the galaxy of mechanical watch wizardry. As Forbes puts it, “A revelation: You needn't spend a lot of money to get a devastatingly handsome, real (not quartz-driven) wristwatch.” A brand which is commonly lauded even by the most high-handed watch snobs, NOMOS has carved a niche for itself in terms of a particular design language, technical calibre artistry and an unrivalled philosophy of providing excellence within a smart budget.
NOMOS Glashutte was founded shortly after German reunification in 1990 by Roland Schwertner. Their Bauhaus-style watches were originally designed by Susanne Gunther and have won multiple design awards.NOMOS originally used modified ETA 7001 movements. The brand refined their manufacturing capabilities and now produces their own movements entirely in-house. NOMOS is known for its affordable pricing. This is in stark contrast to other brands with in-house movements, with high prices.
Since 2013, NOMOS also produces its own small collection of golden haute horlogerie watches in Glashutte, one-off pieces of fine watchmaking: Watches in white and rose gold that count among the very best that has ever come from Glashütte. Their delicate movements are crafted in our Atelier, have screw balances, hand engraved balance cocks, gold chatons with hand-beveled edges and twin mainspring barrels. Only two or three of these watches are produced a week. And it still takes longer than a week until every movement is carefully tested in six positions. A great deal of effort and craftsmanship is in every Tangente, every Orion, Ludwig, and Club as well. But with the new gold models, we go to lengths that may not be exactly cost-efficient.

On their website NOMOS mention that they are inspired by the artist par excellence- Michelangelo himself. They write, “Not just famous artists but also many other people who wanted something special have sacrificed years—and perhaps even their eyesight—for frescoes, stuccoes or other embellishments…” The website then goes to to draw an analogy between the great artist and the philosophy with which NOMOS makes its watches, “Our incredibly fine, wonderfully beautiful timepieces with equally striking movements show exactly what our watchmakers are capable of. As does the fact that NOMOS Glashütte can now build the heart of its watches in-house—an escapement, also known as assortiment, which we call the NOMOS swing system. This proves just how unusual and special our watchmaking company is.”
Some of the most famous timepieces that have been appreciated the world over from this independent watchmaker are the: Tangente, Metro, Club, Minimatik, Neomatik, Tetra and the Lambda. It is needless to say, that practically all of NOMOS’ creations are marvels. A brand that is trying to herald in a new era of independent watchmaking, NOMOS Glashutte; please take a bow.

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