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Bounded With Love By Ella Prakash
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Bounded with Love is a static piece on the kinesis of time and the consequential experiences in the life of a woman who believes love to be the extra ordinary dimension of her reality. As the cubes scatter across the canvas a sense of curiosity and maturity sets the tone for a story of love and the acceptance of loss being unfolded.

Indian artist Ella Prakash is the founder of Ella Art Gallery in Bahrain and the Ambassador for Arts of India in Bahrain. Her career started in 1984 with her solo show in Bahrain and got a break on the launch of Formula one F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain where she was the challenge to create 10 pieces in 10 days and was well received successfully. Her permanent collection is in Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art- Las Vegas also her work has exhibited and appreciated in the leading Art Galleries in USA and Europe. Ella being a celebrated artist across the globe, through her exhibitions has shown a clear evolution in her approach to art making it evident its truly limitless power. She is successfully exhibiting her work internationally her first Solo show was launched officially in 2015 at Debut contemporary London UK, Art Expo USA, Germany, and India.