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Take A Look At Me Now By Gopal Mehan
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My works are extremely layered, as I drip paint, scrawl words on the canvas, and mix mediums including oil and acrylic paints, crayon, pencil, marker. I obscure any tangible points of reference, enabling the viewer to discover new meaning in my works. My work deals with the abstract and has an obsession with searching for the perfect line, from paired down lines and formulated composition to a new entourage of blasting hues.I combine all of the philosophies that interest me, and place them into a structure of information that can be bombarding, but seem to be able to go on endlessly. - Gopal Mehan

Gopal Mehan has a Bachelor’s degree in commerce he then did a foundation course in Fine Art from College of Art, Delhi, later a three year diploma in Fine Art from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Kala Bibhag, West Bengal. Gopal Mehan has also trained under the celebrated artist Rameshwar Broota for four years.