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A glimpse of Village By M Singh
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He expresses himself through both abstract and figurative works. In his abstract work he feels ideas flow through colour on paper. Different colours used indicate different pictures of life. He uses various colours to explain all possible phases of life.

Born in 1979 artist M. Singh has a degree in commerce but his heart was always in creating art. He left his home in Patna and came to Mumbai with the hope of better opportunities. With no formal education or any kind of financial backing this journey was not easy. He put double the efforts to bring out the best through his works, and it did pay off. Today, Singh is one of the well-known artists for Semi-Abstract style in Mumbai. Self-taught, he brings the best of abstract and figurative art on canvas together. Through his colourful brush strokes he creates a mood that oscillates between meditative and exuberant.The lines are almost invisible, relying only on the colours to separate the components of the image. The unorganized, haphazardly developed and chaotic slum area in the Mumbai city has been constant visual reference for Singh. There is a deceptive simplicity in Singh's paintings and his skill lies in getting the viewer to realise how the ordinary can become extraordinary. He successfully uses colour to add a dramatic quality to the paintings with an almost abstract approach to composition.One of the most significant feature of his works the fluidity with which he can change styles between abstraction and figuration, observing the structure and order both in nature and on the canvas.