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Untitled (II) By Parag Natekar
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I make gestural abstract drawings & paintings which are a mix of spontaneity and control - one comes from nature and the other from culture. The drive is to create a balance between the two opposite forces. The duel starts with the first decision on the blank surface till the decision of where to stop - at times spontaneity taking control, at other control has its way. In the process the textures and strokes create a sense of depth, rhythm and emotional charge. At times the works are more calligraphic reminiscent of the written script in an effort to come up with my personal symbols and language

Parag Natekar was born in 1976 and lives and works in Pune, India. Having studied at the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID), he has participated in various group shows and has had two solo exhibitions at Ashvita Art Gallery, Chennai and Coromandel Art Gallery, Pondicherry. He makes mixed media constructions mostly using acrylic colours and papers. He believes that most human concerns and relations are primarily spatial challenges - How much to give / How much to take / How much to overlap / and so on. This configuration, structure or composition within a context (of space and time) gives a sense of rhythm, harmony or discord. This thought sets the premise for his works. He starts his work with a conceptual thought, but essentially the main focus is the visual structure and the composition, which is never planned beforehand. Thus when he works, chance, randomness, and intuition are equally at play as are thoughtful planned actions. The final work is always 'arrived at' as opposed to being executed. The process is conversational, visceral, nonlinear and physical.