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Graham Chronofighter Steel Target

Product ID#RIGRAHWTCH_0089
Brand Graham Watches
Style Automatic Chronograph
Model Graham Chronofighter Steel Target
Size Case Diameter: 47 mm
Material Stainless Steel, Carbon
Dial Grey Tinted Smoked Dial
Millimeteres 47 mm
Bracelet/Strap Anthracite Denim Strap


4 days ago

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The Graham Chronofighter Steel Target has a thumb-actuated stopwatch function and a fascinating smoked glass sapphire crystal dial. Graham also uses a thumb mounted trigger on its chronograph models. This ensures that the time taken from observing an event to actuating the chronograph, or subsequently stopping it, is kept to a minimum. This means the elapsed time measured is an accurate record of the event observed.The name of the recently launched, Chronofighter Steel Target, would imply a high degree of precision. However, beyond the name and the aforementioned trigger, the watch dial sports a stylised depiction of a gun sight’s cross hairs, reinforcing the ‘target’ and ‘masculine’ symbolism.


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