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Product ID#RIIWCWTCH_0066
Brand IWC Schaffhausen
Style Perpetual Calendar
Model IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month
Size Case Diameter: 45 mm
Material Red Gold, Rubber Coated Titanium
Dial Black
Millimeteres 45 mm
Bracelet/Strap Black Rubber Strap


4 days ago

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IWC produced the first “digital” watches in its history as early as 1884. These timepieces, known as Pallweber watches, displayed the hours and minutes using numerals, while the seconds were shown in analogue form with a hand. The state-of-the-art Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month calendar movement, which is now likewise found in the new Aquatimer family, shows not only the date but also the month in large numerals. The energy required to advance the month display discs is built up continuously throughout the month by a quick-action switch. A spring-loaded lever on the quick-action switch is lifted a tiny bit further each day by a cam. At the end of the month, the tension in the spring has reached its maximum, and it is time for all that energy to be released; the quick-action switch jumps instantaneously to its starting position and advances both of the month display discs individually, or together, by one position, depending on the month. On 31 December, the leap year disc is also advanced at the same time.


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